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The attached .ipynb tutorial covers the following :
I. Install and Import
II. Make an empty MS with the desired uvw/scan/field/ddid setup
III. Make a True Sky Model (component list and/or image)
IV. Simulate visibilities from the sky model into the DATA column of the MS
V. Add Noise and other errors to the simulated visibilities
- Install CASA 6 and Import required libraries
- Make an empty MS with the desired sub-structure
- Make a true sky model
- Predict visibilities onto the DATA column of the MS
- Add noise and other errors
- A few example use cases
- Image one channel
- Cube imaging with a spectral line
- Continuum wideband imaging with model subtraction
- Self-calibration and imaging
- Ideas for CASA developers and test writers to do beyond these examples.
VI. A few Imaging and Calibration examples
I. Image one channel
II. Cube Imaging of a spectral-line dataset
III. Continuum imaging with model subtraction
IV. Imaging with Gain Errors and Self Calibration
VII. Ideas for ongoing development topics
( The associated .py is exported from the .ipynb and is to be kept in sync with the .ipynb. )
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